Training Angel



Support, advice and mentoring for in-house instructors, from the most experienced tutors in the UK.


What is Training Angel?

Training Angel is a brand new service from Train-a-Lift Ltd, designed to provide a system of support, guidance and mentoring to ITSSAR Category 1 Instructors in their own working environment.

This is an exclusive service that cannot be found anywhere else. Why would I need such a service we hear you ask? Well once an instructor has passed their 10 day course, they receive no contact from ITSSAR until their re-registration course. The course isn’t due for 5 years which is an awfully long time to go without any contact and this is where the Angels come in…


Who are our Training Angels?

Our Training Angels are ITSSAR accredited Category 4 Tutors. Each of our angels have numerous years of experience in delivering instructor courses. In 2017 alone our Angels trained 139 new instructors.

The Angels are experts in their field with extensive knowledge which comes from decades of training for some of the biggest names in global manufacturing, engineering and logistics.

In fact when you combine the experience of our Angels together, they have 87 years experience and that number is constantly going up! 


What does a Training Angel offer?

For a one-off fee your dedicated Angel will:

  • Spend a day with you at your work
  • Review your training systems and procedures against the requirements of the law and ITSSAR’s standards
  • Appraise your training material – test papers, visual aids etc
  • Analyse the suitability of your theory and practical training areas
  • Observe you as you deliver training to your colleagues
  • Produce a personalised action plan 
  • Add you to the Training Angel mailing list which provides the up-to-the minute changes ITSSAR make to the testing standards and policies


There are also additional services your Training Angel can provide such as:

  • Lesson Plans
  • Custom Branded Test Papers with your company name and logo
  • ITSSAR Standard Workshops
  • Presentations and Visual Aids


What’s Next?

We believe that each instructor should have the best support possible and our Angels can be there to do that.

For more information please contact the Angel helpline through one of the following methods;


Telephone : 02476 469027

Twitter : @trainalift

Facebook : trainalift