Counterfeit Certification

Counterfeit Certification

We have recently received a number of calls regarding the authenticity of some certification. It seems that there are few counterfeit certificates going round.  The same few delegate numbers  are on each copy. However the rest of the details are amended to the specific individual.

The numbers which continually appears on the fake certification are A45566. A45611 and A45569. If an individual gives you a certificate with one of these numbers on it, then you can guarantee that is will be a fake.

If you are ever unsure about the authenticity of a certificate, then it is best to check the following;

Do the dates match up? A lot of the fakes that emerge have just edited the name and not the dates.

Do the number of days for the course length match? For instance, a Forklift Novice course would never be less than three days.

Is the delegate reg number the same as A45566, A45611 or A45569? These numbers are commonly used on counterfeits.

If you are ever unsure as to whether a certificate is genuine, then please contact us and we can verify it for you. We keep a database of all the training which we carry out, so it is very easy for us to identify if a certificate is fake.