TAL Has Launched Something Exciting…

TAL Has Launched Something Exciting…

There is something new in the air at Train-a-Lift. You could even say it has an angelic feel out about it…

What are we talking about we hear you ask? Well that would be Training Angel – a newly launched scheme that cannot be found anywhere else in the UK!

The heavenly helpers at Training Angel have devised a little Q&A to answer any questions you may have…


Question: So what exactly is Training Angel?

Answer: It is a brand new service from Train-a-Lift, designed to provide a system of support, guidance and mentoring to ITSSAR Category 1 Instructors in their own working environment.


Question: I’m an ITSSAR instructor – why would I need Training Angel?

Answer: Once an ITSSAR instructor has passed the 10 day course, there is then a 5 year period until the re-registration course is required. During these 5 years instructors receive no personal communication from ITSSAR. To find out new information and changes, instructors have to go directly to ITSSAR to find out if anything has changed. But here at Training Angel we ask why should instructors have to do that? Shouldn’t instructors be informed directly about changes rather than always have to ask if anything has changed?


Question: So Training Angel tells me about changes from ITSSAR – what else does it do?

Answer: An Angel will come to an instructors workplace and spent the day with them. During that time the Angel will observe an instructor delivering a course, check the training material being used and assess the practical & theory areas. From the day you will be provide with a personalised action plan and will be added to the Training Angel mailing list. The mailing list will provide all changes made by ITSSAR regarding testing standards and policies.


Question: Is that all that Training Angel offers?

Answer: Simply no. Training Angel can also provide lesson plans, custom branded test papers and visual aids. There will also be ITSSAR Standard Workshops held at our Coventry based training centre. These will focus on changes to standards and ensure that as an instructor, you are following the correct ITSSAR standard.


Question: Why should I use your Angels?

Answer: Our Angels are our own tutors who have a vast array of knowledge and experience. If you add up the amount of time the Angels have been training, it comes to 87 years which isn’t a small number! 


Question: How will this help me as instructor?

We believe that each instructor should have the best support possible and our Angels can be there to do that. The Angels will be there to support and help you to ensure that as an instructor you are providing the best training you possibly can to your delegates. 


Question: I really like the sound of Training Angel. Whats the next step?

Answer: You can contact one of the heavenly helpers via email (angel@tal.uk.net), telephone (02476 469027) or via our Twitter and Facebook pages.