Category 1 Instructor Re-Registration

Course Information

Course Objectives

To train those ITSSAR Instructors whose current registration and certification is due to expire (after 5 years) to the standards necessary for re-registration and certification on ITSSAR’s national register of Category 1 Instructors, in accordance with the HSE Approved Code of Practice and supplementary guidance

This course provides up-to-date coverage of all statutory requirements and recommendations, revised methods of testing and certification of operators, and modern training methods and standards. Delegates will also be given refresher and any corrective training in instructional methods and techniques

Course Duration

30 hours over 4 x days (Tuesday to Friday)

Course Dates

2019 course dates:

January: 15th to 18th July: 09th to 12th
February: No Course August: 13th to 16th
March: 12th to 15th September: 10th to 13th
April: 09th to 12th October: 15th to 18th
May: 21st to 24th November: 12th to 15th
June: 11th to 14th December: 10th to 13th


Accreditation, Registration & Certification

All instructor courses offered by TAL are accredited by ITSSAR (Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register)

Successful delegates are re-registered and re-certificated on the ITSSAR National Register of Instructors (as applicable)

Delegate Status

This course is solely intended for current qualified forklift and industrial truck instructors whose registration and certification with an recognised Accrediting Body is due to expire, or has expired within the previous 6 months. Proof of previous/current registration will be required before attendance

This course is also available to those instructors who are or have been registered with other accrediting bodies (aka direct entry)

Assessments / Monitoring

Delegates are continuously assessed during their training and each course is externally monitored at random by a qualified Training Advisor from ITSSAR


Each delegate is provided with a range of operational and instructional manuals

Course Location

TAL Centre, Curriers Close, Charter Avenue Industrial Estate, Coventry, CV4 8AF

Course Tutors

All TAL Staff Tutors are accredited by ITSSAR and are also fully experienced, trained, tested and certificated on the relevant machines

Course Booking/Cost
£810.00 plus VAT

CALL: 024 7646 9027


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