Manual Gantry/ Jib/ Monorail/ ‘A’ Frame

Course Information

Course Objectives

To train personnel in the practical skills and job safety knowledge necessary for the operation of Electric/Manual Lifting Blocks fitted to Swing Jibs, Manual Gantry, Monorails or ‘A’ Frame Lifting Tackle

This is in accordance with the relevant sections and requirements of the Health and Safety at Work, etc, Act 1974 along with other applicable legislation and Approved Codes of Practice

Course Duration

1 x day (4 – 8 hours) – 6 delegates maximum

Machine Specification

As applicable

Course Certification

Certificate of Training and Practical Skill Ability

Course Documentation

Test Paper and Certificate forwarded to Employer

Course Manuals

Course Manual issued to each delegate

Course Location

On-site at Customers premises only

Staff Instructors

All TAL staff instructors are accredited by the appropriate accrediting body and are also fully experienced, trained, tested and certificated on the relevant machines

Course Booking/Cost

CALL: 024 7646 9027


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