2019 Instructor Course Dates

2019 Instructor Course Dates

Bookings are now being taken for our 2019 Instructor Courses. These courses are held at our Coventry based training centre. The schedule of the 2019 Instructor course dates for the 10 Day Novice course and 4 Day Re-Reg course can be found below.


10 Day – Category 1 Instructor Novice Registration


January: 7th to 18th

February: 4th to 15th

March: 4th to 15th

April: 1st to 12th

May: 13th to 24th

June: 3rd to 14th

July: 1st to 12th

August: 5th to 16th

September: 2nd to 13th

October: 7th to 18th

November: 4th to 15th

December: 2nd to 13th


4 Day – Category 1 Instructor Re-Registration


January: 15th to 18th

February: No Course Running

March: 12th to 15th

April: 9th to 12th

May: 21st to 24th

June: 11th to 14th

July: 9th to 12th

August: 13th to 16th

September: 10th to 13th

October: 15th to 18th

November: 12th to 15th

December: 10th to 13th


Call us on 02476 469027 to find out more about these courses.