2018 Instructor Course Dates

2018 Instructor Course Dates

Train-a-Lift Ltd is now taking bookings for our 2018 Instructor courses. The dates we have available for the 10 and 4 day courses are below.


2018 course dates: 10 Day

January: 08th to 19th July: 02nd to 13th
February: 05th to 16th August: 06th to 17th
March: 05th to 16th September: 03rd to 14th
April: 09th to 20th October: 01st to 12th
May: 14th to 25th November: 05th to 16th
June: 04th to 15th  December: 03rd to 14th


2018 course dates: 4 Day Re-Reg

January: 16th to 19th July: 10th to 13th
February: 13th to 16th August: 14th to 17th
March: 13th to 16th September: 11th to 14th
April: 17th to 20th October: 09th to 12th
May: 22nd to 25th November: 13th to 16th
June: 12th to 15th December: 11th to 14th